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Granting permission of Ejtehad is a traditional method of giving a valid scientific document in Islamic seminaries. Of course, it is the only certificate and the highest one issued there. It is to be mentioned that in addition to scientific eligibility and qualification, equal or more importance is attached to the spiritual eligibility of a scholar also.

Permission of Ejtehad consists of three parts: Giver of permission, receiver of permission and the content of permission.

1- Giver of Permission: He is mostly from renowned jurisprudents of the Islamic seminary. The stronger his authority and scientific eligibility, the more valid and important would be his permission.

2- Receiver of Permission: He is either a student or someone who has made, within many years, his scientific and moral personality known to the giver of permission. Sometimes, written or oral test is carried out for the completion and confirmation of the knowledge.

3- Contents of Permissions: Contents of permissions vary. Phrases and terms used in the message show distinctly a degree of the degrees of Ejtehad. The most common phrase shows that the receiver of permission has reached a level of Ejtehad. But the highest phrase is that which prevents the receiver of permission from following a Mojtahed. That is because it is not permissible for a Mojtahed to follow another Mojtahed.


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