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Jannaati.com is Ayatollah Alozma Jannaati's first official website. It was designed and launched owing to and following many repeated requests made by seminary teachers and university professors particularly his students and followers who are specially interested in knowing and imbibing his thoughts and ideas.

Items presented in this website are as follows:

1. Ayatollah Alozma Jannaati's entire scientific and cultural activities.

2. His works.

3. Possibility of messaging directly to His Eminence through internet websites and emails for asking religious questions or requesting explanations of certain opinions and rulings.

4. Publishing Ayatollah Alozma Jannaati's latest and most important opinions and rulings.

Efforts will be made to regularly update various sections of the website particularly the Q&A page so that visitors may find new materials and learn new things each time they visit the website.

Weekly questions and answers are common among the various languages of the website. Only a few of these questions and answers perhaps the most important of them will be posted regularly on the website's special section. Users who subscribe for the website's newsletter will be informed of latest changes made in the website. To contact us please email at : info@jannaati.com.

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   Dr. Ahmad Jannaati

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